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About Us

MR1 block on CNC


Steve Kauffman, the owner, along with Mark and Jeff Kauffman, confidants of Kauffman Performance LTD., would like to welcome you.  Steve Kauffman is the father of Mark and Jeff. Steve  has been buying, building and racing Pontiacs since the late 1960’s. Mark and Jeff with the aid of Steve caught the Pontiac bug in the 1980’s (when they were of driving age). With the help of Steve in the late 1990’s, they opened a Pontiac performance engine shop, known as Kauffman Racing Equipment. The knowledge of Pontiac engines shared by these men comes from over 37 years of experience associated with building and running all types of Pontiac engines from stock street to supercharged alcohol and everything in between. After several years of drought, when aftermarket Pontiac blocks were not available, we decided not to allow others to dictate our future. It was this shortage and our dedication to Pontiacs and traditional Pontiac racing that caused us to manufacture the MR-1 and MR-1A (aluminum) Pontiac blocks. We do all of our machine work on MR-1 and MR-1A aftermarket Pontiac blocks  in house on our Kauffman Performance LTD. owned CNC machining center and our quality control is second to none. We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality parts possible for a fair and reasonable cost to our customers. Through these efforts we hope to assist in the advancement of traditional Pontiac performance.